Time Shooter 2 Unblocked

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Time Shooter 2 is an addictively fun and fast-paced shooting gallery game for mobile. As a lone gunslinger, players must react quickly to take out waves of wild west outlaws by tapping the screen to fire bullets. Avoid getting hit while racking up combos for high scores!


Gameplay & Controls

In Time Shooter 2, the player character is fixed on the left side of the screen while waves of bandits attack from the right. Tap anywhere on the right side of the screen to shoot bullets and take out enemies. When bandits fire back, tap their bullets to block them.

String together kills without getting hit to build bigger combos. Dodge behind cover on the left side to briefly avoid enemy fire. Analyze attack patterns to stay alive against the overwhelming odds!

Game Modes

Time Shooter 2 offers fun variety with different Saloon stages and gameplay modes:

  • Story Mode – Progress through stories unlocking new characters
  • Arcade Mode – Survive for high scores against endless waves
  • Duels – Go head-to-head against other players

Powerups & Upgrades

Purchase upgrades in the in-game shop to gain an edge:

  • Damage Increase – Boost bullet potency
  • Health Regen – Recover health over time
  • Explosive Bullets – Clear clusters of enemies
  • Auto-fire Guns – No need to tap as often

Take down the dirty outlaws invading the saloon to earn rewards and medals while rising up the online leaderboards!


With Wild West themed shooting action, robust progression, and leaderboard competition, Time Shooter 2 provides nail-biting arcade thrills on mobile. Quick reflexes and utilizing upgrades is key to getting high scores!

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